8 Lighting Trends You'll be Seeing Everywhere in 2019

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Lighting can totally make or break a room, and it can be easier to change out than you think, even in a rental. Take it from me—I've swapped out three fixtures in my space and brought in my own special bulbs for the recessed cans in my living room and the strip above my medicine cabinet. Don't be that person that lets a crappy builder's grade fixture bring down your otherwise awesome room. You can find something cool without spending a fortune, I promise.

Just in case you want to make better lighting a New Year's resolution, we thought it would be fun to survey some architects, decorators, and design pros to see what 2019 holds for all things lights and lamps. These experts are shedding some light (had to!) on what's to come, so you can make some informed decorating decisions in the new year. Here are their bright ideas.

1. Landscape-Oriented Lighting

"Linear ceiling fixtures that span the width of the room are feeling fresh as opposed to the traditional vertical drop," says designer Lauren Grant. Look for clean lined, simple fixtures with exposed bulbs to really emphasize this trend.


2. White and Colored Marble Bases

"White Marble made a comeback a few years ago in lighting via the uber popular arc floor lamps with the marble bases," says Christina Henck, a designer for Casaza, a new home design platform just launched by Drew and Jonathan Scott. "But several new collections of table and floor lamps that are in production for 2019 use different colors like gray and blackish-green in addition to white marble." So the classic white Carrara lamp base isn't going anywhere, but there are going to be more colorful stone options alongside it next year. Good to know!


3. Real Brass

Hope you have a soft spot for gold because it's coming on strong, particularly in lighting. "We are already seeing a bit of a trend toward new traditional interiors with classic lines and updated colors," says Janet Lorusso of JRL Interiors. "This has already produced a return to real brass, not the fake lacquered shiny brass, in classic fixtures and chandeliers."

Lorusso sees this coming year as being all about the living finish—unlacquered brass that will age and patina over time. If you go the vintage route, you'll be able to find some unique shapes like these scalloped petal fixtures.  Read More..

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