Tesla And EV Charging Stations By Kadco Electric Inc.

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Tesla and Ev Charging Stations by Kadco Electric Inc.

In a world where gasoline is on the way out and EVs (electric vehicles) are all the rage, facilities like charging stations are necessary to keep these cars on the road and for the revolution to progress.

There are now multiple electric options from major car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. However, the leader in this market is still Tesla, with its superior features and batteries. This being said, it is possible to drain the batteries on your electric vehicle or Tesla entirely and end up stranded on the side of the road in need of a flat-bed truck to escort you to the nearest charging station.

To help you avoid this situation, at Kadco Electric Inc., we offer professional installation and connection of Tesla charging stations for home and commercial applications. We are certified by Tesla and guarantee a charging station that meets the highest in safety standards.

While we offer electric charging stations that suit any EV available today on the market, we believe that Tesla (made) chargers are the best for your Tesla and focus on providing charging stations in your home to keep you charged up and ready to go.

With our charging stations, we offer reliable and easy EV charging solutions. You simply need to plug in your Tesla to the charging station that we install in your garage or home, and your vehicle will be ready to roll when you need it.

When considering the connection and installation of Tesla and EV charging stations in your home or business, the cost generally depends on the complexity of the job and specifications of the charging unit. If you are interested in a charging station from Kadco Electric Inc., we offer the most reasonable price for installation while still offering competent and diligent service. You can also call us for a quote to ensure our products and service fees are within your budget and make your life easier.

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